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September 3, 2013

Choosing Retaining Walls to Beautify Our Homes

What We Do to Beautify Our Homes

Our houses can often be a reflection of our personality, since most of our time is spent at home after all. For that reason, we always try to make sure our house looks great, especially when we invite guests over.

There are several things we do to make our houses look great or at least presentable to friends, relatives, and other such guests we might invite into our homes. We make sure the wallpaper, floor, and furniture match, we spring clean the place every once in a while, etc.

However, that is only for the interior of the house, as the things we can do to improve our house’s exterior beauty are a whole another set of tasks. While the purpose is the same, beautifying our home’s exterior requires a lot more elbow grease and may even have us get down and dirty.

Those of us who would rather not get down and dirty though can always avail of landscape design services around the area. These landscape designers are experts in the said area, and can do various sorts of landscaping methods according to which ones suit our homes the best.

One example of these said landscaping methods is the creation and implementation of retaining walls. A retaining wall is defined as ‘a wall that holds back earth or water’ and are somewhat similar to garden edges, only bigger.

How Retaining Walls Can Benefit Us

There are a good number of benefits to having retaining walls installed in our home’s landscape design, both aesthetic and functional. They can also be an affordable method of home beautification depending on the type of materials used in creating the retaining walls.

To have a better idea about what these said benefits are to having retaining walls, here is a short list below:

  • Retaining walls help add home value. If in any case we decide to find a new home and sell our old one, a retaining wall can help increase the old home’s value. This means we can sell it for a much higher price than when we bought it in the first place. Add the fact that the house was well maintained and other beautiful home improvements have been done, and it’ll be a lot easier to get a good price on it. Retaining walls also help the house look bigger and more spacious, again increasing its value and looking quite attractive to potential buyers. It also helps separate different areas in a landscape, such as the lawn area, garden area, etc.
  • Retaining walls are durable and functional. When made out of the right materials and engineered properly, retaining walls become more than an aesthetic landscape improvement. They can last for years and effectively hold back tonnes of dirt without cracks or threats of collapsing over time. We just have to be sure these walls are done right and we use the right quality material to ensure its durability and strength.
  • Retaining walls control soil erosion. Soil erosion doesn’t just happen in deep forests and farms, it can happen in our own front and backyards too. This occurrence can often become quite a pain since it leads to uneven ground that doesn’t look too attractive for a home’s exterior. Erosion is caused primarily by two things: 1. Running water, like when we water our plants or when it rains, and 2. When people walk on the grass. A Retaining wall helps prevent soil erosion because it keeps the water from flowing too quickly and moving the soil around, thus causing erosion. As for soil erosion caused by reason #2, a retaining wall sends an obvious signal that people are definitely not supposed to walk around there. By preventing soil erosion with the help of retaining walls, we can maintain the even ground level of our landscape and not have to deal with annoying soil erosion.

Have Concrete Retaining Walls!

Retaining walls can be made from a wide range of materials, and at Surreal Landscapes, we offer concreting services for homes in Bella Vista and can create beautiful concrete walls! Our other services include garden edging, creating and improving driveways, etc.

Just visit our website for more details on how we can help improve your landscape design!

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