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Creating More Places To Hang Out At Home Using Decks-0
July 27, 2015

Creating More Places To Hang Out At Home Using Decks

A Place to Hang Out at Homes In Bella Vista

When we want to spend some time with friends or relatives’ one of the most common things we would do is invite them to dinner at a nice restaurant. Sometimes if we have any time, we might even take them on a more adventurous bonding session through camping or other such outdoor activities.

Another thing we would do is invite them over to our homes for a more relaxed and comfortable hang out with good company. Some of us might not do this very often though for a number of reasons, such as probably having not enough space at home to accommodate a lot of people.

Others might also be a little too shy to invite people over due to the house’s current look or design. Fortunately, there is a way to be more confident about the way our houses look, and that’s through consulting the experts in landscape design.

With proper landscape design, a house can have a look that wows not only family and friends, but neighbours and strangers passing by as well! Plus, a certain type of landscape design called deck building can even make an extension of our homes that’s elegant and functional.

Deck Care and Maintenance Tips Bella Vista

Having a beautiful deck attached to our homes creates more space for people to hang out, meaning we no longer have to be shy about having our friends over. In fact, decks are often a great place to hold fun barbecue parties during warm and sunny days!

Decks can also last for a long time, that is, if we do what we have to do in terms of proper care and maintenance. Below are a few tips on how to properly care for our decks so they last longer and remain beautiful:

● Use a pressure washer to remove wood fibres and dirt that have accumulated on the deck. Take note that keeping the pressure washer on one area of the deck for a long time can gouge the wood, so we have to be sure to keep the stream moving. After pressure washing the deck, we have to leave it to dry overnight before we do other cleaning methods on it.

● Most decks are made out of treated wood, meaning they can often last for quite a long time without showing any significant signs of decay. However, while it protects the deck from decay, it still remains susceptible to splintering and discolouration. This is mainly due to how exposed the deck is to the outside, leaving it at the mercy of harsh and sporadic weather conditions. Therefore, deck maintenance should be taken seriously in order to prevent discolouration and to prevent the surface from getting rough and causing splinters. The deck won’t instantly rot without proper maintenance, but the said consequences will happen.

● We have to do one or a couple of rounds of inspection for a deck and look out for any areas that need special attention. Deck builders and landscape experts would recommend keeping a close eye on parts of the deck that touch or are in direct contact with the ground. This often includes the stair stringers or joists, or posts that are on ground level. While inspecting, we should have a screwdriver at hand to test for structural damage or rot. In order to determine if the deck does have any structural damage or rot, we simply just have to push the tip of the screwdriver on the area we want to test. If the tip doesn’t sink into the wood, the deck is still perfectly fine and renovations aren’t required. However, if the tip does sink into the wood, the deck is starting to or already in advanced stages of rotting and needs renovation.

Hiring Deck Builders in Bella Vista – NSW

With proper care and maintenance of our decks, we can always have a place to hangout outdoors with friends and family but still be in the comforts of our homes! For those interested in having their own decks, they can hire our expert team of deck builders at Surreal Landscapes!

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